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Shark Management

Short Useful Notes

Japanese love fresh fish. However, the waters around Japan have not had fresh fish for years.
So, to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats grew larger and travelled further.
The longer the fisherman travelled, the more time was needed to return. If the return took more than a few days, the fish were no longer fresh, and the Japanese did not like the taste of this fish.
To solve this problem, fishing companies installed freezers on their boats. They took the fish and frozen over the sea. Freezers made it possible for boats and fishermen to go farther and stay longer on the water.
But the Japanese noticed the taste of fresh and frozen fish and did not like the taste of frozen fish.
Therefore, fishing companies set up tanks on boats and kept fish in water tanks. The fish, after a little bit of calm, did not move. They were tired and impolite, but they were alive.
Unfortunately, the Japanese preferred the taste of fresh fish rather than lazy fish. Because the fish did not move for days and lost the taste of fresh fish.

So fishing companies should solve this issue in a way.
How could they catch fresh fish?
If you were a fishing industry advisor, what would you suggest?
Ron Hubbard received in the early 1950s:

“Human beings only progress in the face of challenging environments”

To keep fresh fish Japan’s fishing companies still use fish tanks in boats, but now they put a small shark into each tank.

Sharks eat some of the fish, but most fish arrive at a very livelier position because they try to escape the shark.

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2 Comments on “Shark Management”

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    As you become more intelligent, more cohesive and more capable, you will enjoy a complete solution to the problem. If you fight hard enough, you will be happy and happy if you consistently win the challenges.
    Sometimes sharks are needed for development and development.

  2. Recommendation:
    Dip them instead of avoiding problems.
    Enjoy the game.
    If your problems and efforts are too large, do not give up, weaken your tiredness, instead recognize the problem.
    “If you have achieved your goals, set your goals higher”

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